Our Clients

At Maison de Vacances, we understand the importance of professional property management and the return of your investment for both short and long-term rentals. We are dedicated to ensuring that your property is managed and maintained to the highest standards, allowing you to generate a higher percentage of revenue as an investment. With a proven track record in the industry, we have successfully capitalized on properties to maximize their potential and deliver exceptional results. Our client portfolio is limited to ensure that we can focus on delivering the best quality and results for each property under our care. 

Rest assured that when you choose Maison de Vacances, you are choosing a team of professionals who are committed to your property’s success. Get in touch with us today and let us help you unlock the true potential of your investment.

DTCM Registration

  •    A legal process and requirement to ensure compliance with regulations, maintains safety and quality standards, and provides access to marketing opportunities.

Flexibility to sell

  •    An agreement between our company and the property owner with the terms that the property can sold anytime by the owner.

Client Relationship Manager

  •    Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction, and addressing their needs and concerns.
  •    Ensuring that Property Owners are satisfied, engaged, and committed to a company’s success.

Guest Vetting

  •    Evaluating potential guests by acquiring them to send the relevant documents needed for registration process.
  •    Vetting guests is a way to make owners feel more comfortable and mitigate some of the potential risks.

Organizing Maintenance

  •    Maintaining the property is vital for longevity and to ensure a comfortable living for the guests.
  •    We can handle all maintenance needs, from basic cleaning and upkeep to more specialized repairs and upgrades.

Tourism Dirham Fee

  •    The Tourism Dirham Fee by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) is imposed on guests staying at hotels and hotel apartments in Dubai.
  •    Prescribing the calculation, collecting and paying of the Tourism Dirham fee in the Emirate of Dubai.

Revenue Management

  •    Effective revenue management helps to maximize revenue and profitability by strategic techniques to forecast demands, optimizing pricing, managing the property, and marketing strategies.
  •    Investing in revenue management can provide significant benefits for the property’s growth, profitability, and sustainability in the long run.

Professional Photography

  •    Having the property a professional photographer to capture and enhance the visual appeal, helps to make a strong impression with potential guests.
  •    High quality photographs can show the property in the best possible light, leading to increased bookings

Monthly Report

  •    Proving the monthly report to owners consists of transactions of bookings, expenses, revenue, and other important details.
  •    Monthly Reports help to improve communication and transparency within an organization by ensuring that the Property Owners are informed about key developments and performance metrics.

Cleaning & Organizing

  •    Clean and organized are essential for maintaining a high level of guest satisfaction, ensuring safety, and improving operational efficiency of the property.
  •    A clean and organized unit provides a sense of comfort and relaxation for guests, which can improve their overall experience and lead to positive reviews and repeat bookings.